Monday, October 27, 2008

Who doesn't hate cleaning?

I did a totally huge cleaning up yesterday. I turned my workroom inside out and wiped and rearranged everything. And it's still not done up till now. Still have to continue again tomorrow. Shucks.

I know I know... I should have cleaned the room everyday so that I don't have to do such a major cleaning like that, but I'm such a lazy bum. The dust allergy is the main excuse too. No wonder that I always hate and avoid cleaning right? But that's wrong! If I have an allergy, then I'm supposed to clean often so that the dusts won't accumulate! OK, I'm just plain lazy.

I don't know, it is weird. I always got the feeling like I'm supposed to do something when I'm supposed to go to sleep. But when I wake up in the morning (or sometimes afternoon), all I think about is relaxing, watching tv or playing games. The result is that I don't sleep well at night, doing things I'm supposed to be doing in the afternoon, or else I'll wake up unrested in the morning, due to brain being overactive the whole night, thinking about the things I'm supposed to be doing!

So how to get things done? Get a job. Huh? Yup, I always get things done when I'm supposed to do something else you see. In my priority list, relax comes first, crafts second, job third. Which means that, when I'm supposed to do my crafts I'll surf the net or watch tv instead. And when I'm supposed to do my job, all I'll think about is doing my crafts!
Damn, am I strange or what?

Anyway, getting a job means that I'll have to wake up in the morning, at the same time, everyday. Which is a good thing for my health. Otherwise I'll wake up at weird hours in the afternoon or sometimes in the evening.

The thing is, I will only do things when I really really absolutely have to. Remember? I have no self discipline at all! A total procrastinator. And when I think about it, I guess I can ONLY work under pressure. No pressure = I won't do anything at all. LOL!

Wonder why... How did I became like this? *raise eyebrow*
Oh well...*shrug*

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