Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Bit of Update

Ahh... Finally this order is done. Making it is easy, dealing with customers is not. Sometimes.

Anyway, here is a Piglet. I think it's quite okay. Might have looked better if I sewed on the stripes instead of gluing them on, but I'm too lazy. The glue is strong enough anyway. Won't come off in contact with water. And thank goodness the face looks fine. I always find it difficult to sew the face.

She also asked for a princess with a long braided hair. So I made one with a regular pattern, then added a long braid with yarn. I'm not sure whether it looks weird or not. And I don't know why, but most if not all the faces of my dolls look weird. It's my weak point. Hopefully this doll is not below expectations.

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