Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Headbands Update

If you've seen my post a few weeks ago, you'd have seen these headbands.

Here are the photos of the finished results.

The flower headband together with the yellow butterfly (pattern here). The butterfly is actually a brooch. So it can be easily taken off and moved around as wanted.

This next one, I said that it looks like a fire. Now, posed like this, if only the middle colour is white instead of yellow, it could easily be a row of teeth. Even the red already looks like the gum. Hmm, seems to be a very interesting idea....

Lastly, check out my latest creation! I'm calling it the Assemblage Headband. Yup, all these stars are brooches/pins. You can easily mix and match, move them around, whatever. You'll get a different design every time. As for the base, I simply made a few rows of dc.
Ingenious or what?

Alright, now I wanna share with you my favourite star pattern out of those I've tried while making the above. It is here.


Lenni said...

oh WOW! Those are great! :D

The colors really pop. Very well done!

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Thanks Lenni!

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