Monday, November 3, 2008

Glitter Glue Tutorial

I'm sure you're familiar with this kind of glitter glues that you can easily buy everywhere. It is easy to use, and most importantly: not messy.

But how about these kind?

This is the kind of glitter most people avoid. Very potentially messy, and very very very frustrating.
But what if you have some at home, some long ago forgotten few, or perhaps given by someone else? Or maybe you want a colour that doesn't exist in those packaged ones?

The solution is, of course, to make the glitter glue yourselves.

Here you go!

Get ready your glitters.
Get ready some clear glue. As much as you estimate you need for the amount of glitter you have.
Get ready some empty glitter glue pen. You can wash them first if you wish.
Or, if you don't have any, get an empty glue bottle. (Like me!)

The only reason why I bought this glue is because of the cap/nozzle. Please do not buy those with the mesh. The glitter wont be able to get through those. And if you take off the mesh, the gaping hole will be too big to squeeze out your glitter.

Get ready some reasonably big scrap piece of paper where you'll be working on.
Pour some glue to the bottom of the bottle.
Pour your glitter.
Pour a little bit more glue.
Pour some more glitter.
Repeat those steps until you ran out of glitter.
You may also twirl the bottle sideways to mix them up halfway the process.

You might want to try to salvage the jumping glitters from the paper later on, and pour it into the bottle. But my suggestion is, don't bother. Just throw them all away to the bin. Unless you accidentally spilled a whole lot of them glitters. (Please don't!)

Viola! It's done! (Picture on above right)
Just keep rolling the bottle until they're properly mixed.

Of course, you can get separate bottles for separate colours if you wish. Unless you want to get rid of all your glitter stash at once, like me!

Please don't bother to get those few dust at the bottom of the tubes. When dealing with glitters, perfection is futile.

Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything. Please do ask if you have any questions!

Check out the testing result!

Fantastic or what?

Note: when using any glitter glue, do PASTE the thing you're going to glitter onto the paper FIRST before you apply the glitter. Why? Because the paper will wrinkle.

So far so good. Other than the fact that the glitter will accumulate at the bottom and that the amount of glitter coming out is quite unpredictable, everything is working just fine. You can also easily turn it upside down to mix them evenly before use. And you might also want to use some toothpicks to even out the glitter. And don't forget to wipe clean the nozzle after use!



Jolly Mom said...

What a cool idea and a way to save money!

Jess said...

Neat idea and saving money at the same time.

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