Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Header

Check out my new header!

Ain't it nice?

The story goes that some days ago someone dropped by my blog n left me a message. Of course, I checked back to his blog. Turns out he's been making very nice creations with photoshop so I asked if he can make a new header for me. I even asked how much would he charge me.

The next day he answered that he'll charge me nothing and lo and behold! Suddenly the header is done and he sent it to me via email.

I must say I really like the header. Personally, I'll never be able to come up with something like that on my own.

Thank you Wiki from PhotoshopForFun!!
I'm sure your creations will just keep on getting better.


Windmill said...

Hmmmm, just my two cents...

I prefer the previous banner. It had more character.

This one has to be adjusted to fit the width of the banner. You need to use a Photoresizer to do that.

Jess said...

Very creative!

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