Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beehive the Scarf

This is the first scarf I've made. Ever!

It does look like a beehive, no?

It is crocheted with a big hook, the first time I actually got a chance to use it.

Semi close up:

Made with 3 different types of yarn held together.

Detail close up:

Will list it on Etsy the moment I decided how much I'm going to sell it for. (The hardest part.)


Lea Peter said...

hi dear
I saw your problem at blogcatalog
Are you able to add gadgets now ?
I am aslo experiencing the same
If you solved it . Please let me know at lea.peter7@gmail.com

Thank you

Cashmere said...

It's nice to me.. Nice colour too.. but I would personally prefer it to be longer.. :)

Windmill said...

Hi Melisa,

Please visit
to collect your Blog Award.


Fun said...

aaaihhh scarfnya cantik amat :)

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Hi Cash n Fun,
thanks for the praises.

And Windmill,
thank you for yet another award from you. I shall collect it soon.

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