Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Branches the Neckwarmer

This scarflet / neckwarmer is the first project that I finished in the year of 2009. And it is my first ever completed knitting project too!!! Yey yeah!!!!!!!

I've not posted any pictures because it is not complete yet. And even up till now, it is still not.
You see, it lacked the buttons / the means to hold the ends together. I've neither found a suitable button for it, nor an alternative. Any suggestions?Justify Full

(This photo was also taken at my grandma's)

Here's a close up picture for you to get a better idea of how it looks like.
The colours really do look like branches right? It was made using 3 types of yarn held together.

Once it's complete, I will list it in Etsy.


Audrey said...

It's a lovely color! Always hate looking for buttons - I will have something in mind but can never find it.

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Hi Audrey, it's exactly like what I'm feeling right now. Wonder whether I'll ever find it.

Laurakis said...

great model, i think wooden buttons would suit it very well.

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