Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cross Stitch Experiment

I know, I'm way behind on updating my blog. And not because I've nothing to update. In fact, I've been doing too many things recently that I have a whole bunch of photos lining up to be edited and uploaded. And I don't know why, most of time I feel reluctant to edit the photos and I procrastinate.

A good example are these next photos. They've been sitting in my drafts for a few days now. And actually I made this thing many many months ago. But it's only recently that I've decided I'm not going to continue it.

The original idea was to use the cross stitch fabric as a guide to create the pattern at the front of the felt. But it turns out that when you stick the needle into the felt, it won't go in straight.

As you can see, the result is not neat, and the perfectionist in me was already screaming from disapproval. (Well, maybe the picture will look okay when it's finished, but for now, I suppose I won't know.)

This is how it looks like from the back.

Of course, some people would disagree with me about the irregularity of the x-stitches, but for now, this shall be one of my ideas that will be kept in a box and not be attempted anymore for a long long while.


Vivin Yo said...

mel, ada yang namanya waste canvas, jadi xstitchnya bisa dari depan dan lebih rapi hasil jadinya...

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Hm, I never saw such a thing over here before. But still, it seems like a one-time-use kind of thing.
And it seems expensive too.

I've seen something similar to it though, the kind that will dissolve in water. Again, it is not financially cost effective. I'm not gonna spend Rp 60.000,- just for a few centimeters of cross stitch fabric that will dissolve in water.
Totally not worth it.

Thanks for the input!

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