Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Curse of the Pens

Pens and Pencils are really mysterious things.

I never really ever run out of them. Even though it seems like a long long time ago since I last bought any. (Could possibly because I kept getting free promotional pens with various brands affixed to them. Or I've been buying without being aware of it. XD )
Anyway, the weird thing is, even though I have 5 mugs full of pens, sometimes it's hard to find any that works. (Hmm, must be because I really seldom throw any away, unless I'm really really sure it's dead.)
The same goes for pencils too. Some are jammed, some has no lead inside, some are broken, etc. I have so many of them but I just can't find any that works when you need them.
On the contrary, I have many many many coloured pens that never seem to die. Have I really not used them enough? I've been writing mostly with coloured pens nowadays, seldom with ordinary black or blue pens.

But the most dangerous thing is, I always feel the urge to buy new pens and pencils every time I passed by the stationary section of the book shops. Especially coloured pens. Especially those glitter gel kinds. And those cute mech pencils. And those cool looking pens...
(That's why I avoid going near it nowadays.)

P.S. I regret not buying that syringe-looking mech pencil I saw quite a long time ago.


Cashmere said...

Haha! I believe we may have the same addiction.. I have many colourful pens too.. Amd once I start to buy one, I'll end up buying many others.. lol! :)

Tess B said...

Lol! I got the exact same addiction problem! It is literally impossible going pass the stationary section without buying!!!

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