Monday, January 5, 2009

To Do List

Okay, as a way to prevent myself from procrastinating, I've decided to post about the list of things I'm supposed to make/finish. Making it public supposedly will put more pressure on me to finish them faster.
Anyway, Finish faster = more items finished = more income. And I so really need them. My cashflow has been negative ever since I was out of that office job.

So here's my current one. Watch me as I cross them out one by one. Photos might not follow rather closely though. Sometimes I don't immediately photo them cos I prefer do it in a batch.
  1. Finish bear name hangings (currently really sick of sewing another bear)
  2. Finish sewing the zipper to the pencil case
  3. Finish scarf (how come that ball never seem to grow smaller?)
  4. Finish gift for bf
  5. Make turtle keychain
  6. Start making name hangings commissions once I got paid
  7. Confirm colours for wrist protector commission (check what colours I have)
  8. Cut the cross stitch fabric to make this particular pattern I've been thinking about for a long time
  9. Edit and upload photos of part time job friends and my cousin's wedding
  10. Take good photo of that first finished item of 2009, edit n upload it
  11. Delay reading Brisingr because I know once I picked it up I won't be able to put it down until it's finished.

I know, all this while I've been quite secretive, only showing finished off items without saying much about how they're done. I still won't be writing about my list of ideas though, they'll still stay in my head until they've been carried out. But from now on, I'll try to share with you more of my work processes. I realize that a blog showing only pictures of finished stuff are boring, and I do notice that the blogs that share will have more traffic and readers.
So yeah, I should be taking more pictures from now on.
(NO, that's not a new year resolution. Cos it won't last if it is. ;p )

1 comment:

Cashmere said...

I hope you'll be able to cross them out soon.. All the best! Yeah, I need some money too.. ;)

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