Sunday, January 11, 2009

To Do List

A bit of update from the previous one.
  1. Finish sewing name hangings
  2. Finish scarf
  3. Finish sewing cross stitch
  4. Finish bear name hangings
  5. Make turtle keychain
  6. Make another wrist pillow
  7. Get big button to match scarflet
  8. Crochet more gajih flowers
  9. Start cutting fabrics
  10. Knit something
  11. Make more items to sell (obviously, duh!!)

Hmm, I think I know why fabrics scare me. Thing is, when you cut a fabric, that's it, it can't be undone. But when you knit or crochet, and in the end you decided you don't like it, you can easily unravel the whole thing and reuse the yarn for something else.


Cashmere said...

I like the second one.. :)

Cashmere said...

ooops...wrong post! Supposed to be for the post above..hehe! My bad! :D

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