Sunday, February 8, 2009

Series of Experiments

As you can see from the dates on the photos, I made these experiments last month.

For this first one, I was trying some joined motifs, thinking maybe I can make them into headbands. The result turns out to be too big and awkward, with this yarn.

For this one, I was trying some pattern that I got from the only knitting book I have. I was thinking of making it into a wristband. Justify Full
Anyhow, since it was my first time knitting something like this, I found out that the length is not enough, and if I finish the pattern, the height will cover half of the arm. So I stopped and rewind the yarn.

About this last one, I was thinking of making a paw print pattern myself, since I've been searching the internet and I just can't find any that's similar to what I had in mind.

Well, what looks good on a drawing might not be the same case for the real thing so I tried two patterns. I was not sure which one will look better. Honestly though, I don't think I've gotten it yet. I haven't got the mood to try another pattern though. It'll have to wait.

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