Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mini Doily (with Pattern)

My first try at making a mini Doily...
Got the inspiration from one the patterns from here. (Thank you Yasmine!)
(Can you guess which one? ;p )

Qc: Quadruple Crochet (or double treble crochet)
Yarn over 3 times, finish as usual.

Ch 4/5, join to make circle
R1: Ch 1, 9 sc in circle, join w/ sl st
R2: Ch 3, dc in same st, (2 dc in each st around), join w/ sl st {18 dc}
R3: (Ch 5, Qc in next st, ch 5, sl st in next st) repeat around
R4: Ch 5+4, (sc in top of Qc from row below, ch 4, Qc in sl st from row below, ch 4) repeat around, join with sl st to 5th ch of beginning chain.
R5: (Ch 5, sc into ch-4 sp, ch 5, sc into the same ch-4 sp, ch 5, sc into top of Qc from row below /alternate with sc on top of Qc) repeat around


Please ask if the pattern is confusing, and do inform me if there's a mistake in the pattern.

I added a coconut shell button....

And made it into a brooch...

Fantastic... :D

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