Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sleep Mask

Nope, it is NOT a Bra. LOL!!!
It is my Sleep Mask, and though it's a bit hole-y, it is able to do it's job quite well. :D

I followed the pattern wrong actually, ended up with a septagon instead of an octagon. I didn't realize it until I finished the first one, so I had to do the second one the same. :P

All in all... Not bad... And it certainly beats buying one...


Cashmere said...

LOL! That's the first thing in my head when I saw them.. It sure looks like a bra. Another cute one.. :)

Why dont u start making knitted bikinis? It'll look awesome. :)

And if it's cheap, I'll buy some from you.. or prolly help you market them.. ;)

Cashmere said...

Btw, is that sleeping mask comfy to wear? Just curious..

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Well, I didn't make and don't really think of making crocheted bikinis cos I don't think there'll be anyone over here who wants to wear it. LOL!

How much would you want to spend for a pair? It's more the shipping costs that I'm worried about...

And no, actually, it's not really that comfy, but it's not that bad... hehehe...


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