Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wet Wipes Travel Pack Cover

For bottom, ch 25
Ch3, turn, dc across. 3x
Start going round to go up for body, 2dc in each side of dc (total 6 dc for the short side. Dc across the other side of the first ch25. 2dc in each side of dc. Join on the third ch of the third row of dc. (Total 62 sts)
Dc around for another 9 rounds. No need to turn.
Sl st 9x, (ch3, turn, dc 52x.) 9X
On 9th round, do not turn, ch 9 and join to close gbap.
Ch3, dc around 6 rounds. No need to turn.
Ch1, sc around for 2 rounds. Join n sl st once to
make button hole. Ch1, sc 51 sts, ch 2 for 2nd button hole, sc 7 sts, ch2, join at first sc.
Ch1, sc around for 2 rounds. Cast off
Join anywhere you like at the hole in the middle and sc around, with 2 sc in each side of dc. Total 59 sts.
Sew buttons at 8-9th sts and 16-17th sts.
I used cotton yarn n hook 2.5mm.
Weight 34 grams.

Closer look on buttons




knittingdragonflies said...

that is great! Thanks! A good stashbuster also!!

souvik ghosh said...

Wow....... Very Nice..

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