Sunday, November 16, 2008

Etsy Shop

Finally, I got the guts to sign up to sell on Etsy.

And right now I'm so excited my stomach is feeling queasy.

I don't know what to list yet though.

I don't even know what to name it yet. (Thinking of the perfect name will drive me crazy.)

It's just that, I thought by taking action, it'll spur me on and fuel my determination and makes me really take selling online more seriously.

I've got plenty of ideas brewing in my mind already. Let's hope they got realized soon.

Oh ya, I also still haven't found a company that has affordable international shipping rates yet.
It is the main stumbling block for me, cos it means that the things I sell really must be worth the shipping costs they pay.

1 comment:

Lenni said...

Welcome to Etsy! :D

Just take a deep breath. The right name will come to you. ^_^ And Etsy has plenty of articles on how to pick a great name. :)

Don't stress and enjoy the ride. :)

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