Sunday, November 16, 2008

Magnetic Holder

I've been wanting to make something like this ever since a long time ago. It's the magnetic necklace that I got recently that finally made me sprang into action.

A small cute magnetic paperclip holder. It's perfect for your office table!
It will definitely be on mine when I started working again. lol!

I'm sad to say, the magnets that I used turns out to be very weak. The amount of paperclips that it can hold without falling off when I turn it upside down, is the amount that you can see at the picture above.

The picture below is just to show that the bottom is square. Made amigurumi style.

Next is a pin holder. I intend to place this beside my sewing machine when I'm gonna start sewing with a machine. lol! The last time I sewed with the sewing machine, the pins were flying everywhere! hehehehe

I've not glued any magnets to the bottom of it yet though. Cos I still can't decide what colour of felt I will use to cover them. I kept thinking of yellow, but then I wanted to use a darker colour that won't get dirty so easily. Uuhh.. Decisions decisions!!!

Is it rectangular enough? I did a variation of the amigurumi square and turn it into rectangular ami style. I'd say I'm happy with the result. The beginning circle is quite big though, I can't pull it tight enough to close the hole. Might also because of the kind of yarn I use.

And I originally wanted to do the edges like the paperclip holder above, but this turns out to be so cool that I think I'm gonna leave this as it is. (Can't decide what colour to use for the edging too actually. ;p )

In fact, even if I don't glue any magnets to the holder, I'm sure it still can work quite fine. I can even stick the needles on it quite easily. Just don't tip it over!


Swapna said...

very useful and decorative too!!

Lenni said...

They're lovely! Excellent work! :D

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Thanks Swapna n Lenni!

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