Friday, November 14, 2008

There's no such thing as a White Lie

I've been watching a lot of DVDs last month. It seems that most problems stems from miscommunications and people not being honest.

And the number one reason for that is: to protect the people you're not telling.

It's absolutely rubbish!

Now for all the people who has this distorted concept, don't you know that they're hurt more by you not telling them than by the thing you're not telling them about?
Cos they'll know someday. It's inevitable. And they'll get back at you and ask you in the face "Why didn't you tell me?".
Some people might be able to recover, some may not.
Just keep in mind that it's always the best to hear it from you than for them to hear it from someone else.
People can tell when you're keeping something from them. It'll torture them endlessly.

Really, wouldn't you rather have people tell you straight in the face than hide anything from you?

It's up to you...

NB. Just in case anyone is wondering, NO, right now I'm not feeling like someone is hiding something from me. I'm just ranting at the stupid story lines I've been watching.

But then, if there's no more such thing in the world, then the script writers will have nothing to write about anymore. :p

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