Friday, November 14, 2008

My Dear Romantic

My dear bf gave me this last Saturday. He's so sweet!!

They're magnetic. There's an outbreak of magnetic accessories around here recently. They claim to be good for health, can cure many types of illnesses, etc etc. But up till now, I've not seen one scientific proof. Not even one. Not even an explanation on some sorts.

Anyhow, it doesn't mean it'll stop me from liking those magnetic accessories. In fact, I had another pair necklace-bracelet that I bought a few months before. They're black. The magnets are not as strong as the white ones though.

P.S. The chord of the white necklace broke yesterday and I replaced it with the elastic kind. It is so much better. The magnetic clasp is fantastic too actually, it's so practical! But with elastic chord, there's no worry of rust and there's no risk of it making me feel itchy. (Even simple clothes label can make me itch). Though it can also break if you pull on it too hard, but it's low possibility.

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rorenz said...

I Luv U my Bunny....^0^V

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